Gold Coast

Chicago, IL

The incomparable Gold Coast, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America, is where you can find many of Chicago's most famous residents - and the world class real estate they call home. From the timeless mansions of Astor Street to the magnificent high-rises of Lake Shore Drive, the Gold Coast is truly an inspirational setting from which to savor life in the Windy City.

Despite the neighborhood's well-documented affluence, the Gold Coast's housing choices and prices are surprisingly diverse. Housing styles are equally diverse. In addition to the apartment buildings that line Lake Shore Drive, the Gold Coast offers walk-ups, town homes, row homes and a number of contemporary high-rises.

Within one square mile, the Gold Coast offers lively beaches, internationally renowned boutiques, incredible cuisine and vibrant nightlife. It also happens to be one of Chicago's most family-friendly neighborhoods offering a number of top public and private schools, beautiful parks and cultural attractions.

One of Chicago's most fashionable neighborhoods, luxury construction in the Gold Coast dates back to the 1880s when some of the city's most affluent families moved north to the area from Prairie Avenue. Today, it includes a number of prestigious pre-War coops and modern high-rise buildings as well as the historic mansions and large row homes that reflect the area's turn-of-the-century roots. The neighborhood is generally considered to fall between Lake Michigan and Wells Street and from Oak Street north to North Avenue.