Barrington, IL

Rolling Country & Bridle Paths


For almost a century, the Barrington Hills area has had a rich equestrian history.  The community and the Barrington Riding Club are committed to ensuring Barrington Hills’ tradition as an equestrian community with preserved riding paths, facilities to care for horses, and open space. 

“The open rolling country around Barrington was an invitation to the enjoyment of horseback riding, and a group of the earlier residents who were interested in that form of recreation organized the Riding Club of Barrington Hills and laid out a system of bridle paths that enabled one to enjoy the beauty of this countryside from the back of a horse.”


Over the last three quarters of a century, even as some of the historic gentlemen’s farms disappeared and large land parcels have been subdivided, the Riding Club has maintained nearly 70 miles of pristine trails which include both permissive and permanent deeded easements.